Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Welcome to my blog!

I started this to participate in Illustration Friday, as well as begin to compile my portfolio as I progress through my Graphic Design degree with the Art Institute. I've always loved to draw, and took a time out while going through my first undergrad experience at Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!!). So now I'm back at it, and would appreciate any comments, suggestions or advice on how to break into a creative career!

I'm also very new to this whole blog concept...have very little clue how to format just the way I like it...so check back because hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon!!

here we go...


Irene said...

hI laur - its mom and dad we just checked out your blog -looks like fun - we watched the great pumpkin together last night. Dad says he didn't jinx the Hokies and they still won.
go giants It will be fun to see
tiki and Ronde play each other- some people think they're the same person. Couldn't find the picture you said was on here. love.mom

Irene said...

Hilaur its mom again - i kept going and found your picture Hope you have alot of fun with it. Like the idea of turning things around. hopefully the ghost does better than Charlie