Saturday, February 09, 2013

on the slopes again...

practice makes here we go again!

spent the day at Whitetail with some friends...and I did pretty good!  my legs, well they are still recovering...but overall, my best ski trip yet!!

Friday, February 08, 2013

Thursday, February 07, 2013

sketchbook project 2013

I finally finished my sketchbook.


when that happy little email graced my inbox, i was so excited to know that even though i was a super slacker, i could still send my sketchbook in!

here are a few of my "creatures' - since that was the topic i had chosen...the rest you can find if you click here

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

that time I ranted about the Bachelor...

i never thought i'd be someone who watched the Bachelor- not only watched, but recorded so i wouldn't miss it...

but it is fun, sometimes painful to watch, and sometimes i find myself yelling at the tv when I am watching...

okay, so it isn't very realistic, and it's obvious why so many of the couples don't make it...i guess regular life isn't quite as glamorous as jetting around the world, having candle-lit dinners on the side of mountains...

i guess what is always funny to me, is that there is always that one "crazy" contestant that the others don't get along with...and obviously the producers like that for ratings...and i know they are living in a weird, cut off from the rest of the world 'reality'...but i can't believe the way some people act on national tv!

it does feel like it's all about the ratings sometimes...and not about actually finding love...because if it was, they would warn the contestants when someone is not quote just about everyone on the show...."for the right reasons"...

anyway, i am all for folloiwng how you feel- but Sean, you need a girl who gets along with at least one other person...can't spend all your time together...honestly, how annoying would it be to be with someone who gets hurt and needs to be sent to the ER multiple times in just a few short weeks?  drama central!  send Tierra packing please!

anyway, my front runners are Catherine...and maybe Dez.

time to go detox from two days in a row of bachelor-mania.

things you'll never hear me say

sure, you can have my pickle.

boo!  it's snowing.

I have enough sketch books.

you can't put glitter on that.

i know exactly what to wear today.

pizza in maryland is just as good as pizza in new jersey.

i hate sleeping in.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

recipe box: healthy pizza bites!

I love me some pizza bagels.  bagel bites, full sized ones.  you name it, I love it.

but they are certainly not the healthiest thing to eat...and when it came to the super bowl...i was not ready to throw my diet* completely out the window. 

*okay, not a diet per se...I just don't want to start eating bad again...and the super bowl is a slippery-slope for of junk food!

so Bonnie and I started planning out our menu a few days before, and she was making guacamole, stuffed mushrooms, pigs in a blanket...and I was down for veggies and dip, baked mozzarella bites and pizza bites.  the mozzarella sticks never made it out...but I did make buffalo chicken dip instead...not for healthy-ness, but for pure deliciousness :P

but i LOVED how the pizza bites turned out, so i thought i'd share the recipe with you all :)  i found a few places on the internets that had some recipe ideas and sort of mushed them all together to make these.

I give you, pizza bites!


whole wheat tortillas
pizza sauce
mozzarella cheese
garlic powder

and toppings- i used mini pepperoni, but want to try peppers and onions next time!


preheat your oven to 400 degrees

using a cookie cutter- or a glass, or whatever you can cut circles with- cut as many circles as you can from each tortilla.
* I saved the extra pieces to toast up in the oven to make chips for our guacamole with :)

 on a baking sheet- i lined mine with foil- place out as many mini pizza custs as you'd like to make

add the pizza sauce, cheese and toppings

sprinkle with some garlic salt and oregano

bake for 8-10 minutes *keep an eye on them, mine took a little longer, but my oven is weird...

oh yeah, then enjoy!!

an easy, and not so unhealthy way to eat pizza!!

what? another Vlog?

so this morning i headed back to Kym's to see who else had linked up with us...and i got a chance to watch some of the other videos, and i realized, i didn't really fit the natural, no makeup, part of the challenge.  i also just felt like practicing my vlogging skills, so here, for your viewing pleasure is another video blog...this one is just about what i do on my days off...enjoy!

Monday, February 04, 2013

it certainly was Super!

okay, before I start this, remember...I am a Giants fan, through and through.  always have been.  always will be. 

but it was pretty cool to watch the Ravens win last night.  we could hear fireworks going off around our house, and even though they really made us "wait for it..." they pulled off a very nice win.

we watched the game with Bonnie & Andy...made lots of yummy snacks...and I only covered my eyes a few times.

wasn't super impressed by many commercials- I can't even really think of one off the top of my head to tell you the truth.  but i will say this...the city was mighty purple today, and i am happy to have tomorrow off because i hear there is some sort of parade happening ;)

also, i know it makes me sound old...but very glad we were not out watching the game last night- this is a picture from the news of Federal Hill...

Saturday, February 02, 2013

weekend wrap-up...part 1

this weekend is jam-packed with fun!

no, but really, I've already done a lot of fun I figured I'd cut the weekend in half...Friday and Saturday, and then Super Bowl Sunday.

so far, I got in the car and drove up to New Jersey to see my Brother for a belated celebration of his birthday...we feasted on Pizza and birthday apple pie

 then I got all fancy, and made us breakfast on Saturday- after sleeping "in" till 8:15...I love my furry little friends, but not having anyone poke me in the face or hurl themselves into the blinds to wake me up for food, was pretty awesome today.

I have been trying out this whole Vine app, making some stop-motion is one of me making breakfast!

then we went out to run a few, gas station, grocery store...and had Thai food for lunch...

I feel like I talk about food a lot...hmmm...

then Brandyce & Pete came over...and we had ourselves a grown-up dinner party :)  I made lasagna rolls, some just regular cheese and the others were with chicken and spinach...

more funny videos were made...and when they were leaving, we realized it was snowing...yet again!

so tomorrow I'm heading back to Maryland, to watch the super bowl...hopefully the Ravens can win one for Charm City...I'm afraid to see what happens if they lose...

fingers crossed the roads aren't too snowy tomorrow!  even though it is mighty comfy here...

I'm the worst at...a VLOG.

this post has been sitting in my drafts forever...but I was motivated by Kym today, so I turned it into a VLOG- aka: video blog.

so enjoy!!

if I worte commercials

I went to college (the first time) and got a degree in Marketing.  I always said it was because I wanted to write commercials...or as me and my Dad would say, write commercials that weren't horrible...

but every once and a while, i see a commercial that restores my faith in those people who make them...

this one really made me laugh :)

also, thanks Dad for teaching me how to throw a softball the right way ;)