Monday, September 29, 2008

weekend of comics

I must say, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect this weekend when I attended was an experience, and lots of fun to hang out with my cousin for two days...lots of talented artists around us to talk to and lots of folks dressed up as their favorite super hero...

and...I found a box that Brian designed at work...its a box for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action cool!

the do-gooders

yup, we've done it a few weeks he'll be up for adoption at BARCS...after he's had all his shots and tests done :) like always...if we didn't already have three...this little guy would probably be living with if you want a super affectionate cat...go get Wally :)

in other news...inside the house, the three cats showdown continues...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Graphic Illustration Assignments

I feel like recently I've posted everything but classwork on my here's an assignment I turned in yesterday, using both Illustrator and Photoshop...the drawing was done in Illustrator, and the effects were added in was fun, but as always, I wish I had more time to work on it...maybe soon...hopefully really soon...

how I know it's officially fall...

pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks :)

YAYYYYYYYYY! I love love love the Office :)

feelin the love

I have over 50 people who heart my store :) that makes me happy today

Happy Friday everyone :)

4000 Tigerlillies

One of the fabulous members of my Baltimore Etsy Team, Tigerlilly Shop just made her 4,000th sale!! She is having a great contest on her blog to celebrate this head on over to her blog or shop and enter to win!!

I am totally in love with this ring! I must go buy it before someone else does!!

goin to comicon

this weekend my cousin is coming to visit uber talented cousin who's art work you can see at his website Odyssey Art...just a shameless plug ;) he'll be at ComiCon this weekend at the Baltimore Convention come on out and buy his stuff!! awesome is his work?? he is one of the biggest reasons I was inspired to go back to school for graphic design :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The One With The Evil Orthodontist

Episode 20 - Season 1

Joey: Man, we gotta do something about that guy. This morning, I caught him looking into our apartment. It creeps me out! I feel like I can't do stuff!
Monica: What kinda, "stuff?"
Joey: Will you grow up? I'm not talking about sexy stuff; but, like, when I'm cooking naked.
Phoebe: You cook naked?
Joey: Yeah. Toast, oatmeal... nothing that spatters.

Mindy: I hope you can find some way to be happy for me. And I hope you'll still be my maid of honour.
Rachel: And I hope Barry doesn't kill you and eat you in Aruba.

Joey: All right, I'll give you this, Mr. Peanut is a better dresser. I mean he's got the monocle, he's got the top hat...
Phoebe: You know he's gay?
Ross: I just wanna clarify this: Are you outing Mr. Peanut?

things that make me laugh

I love my furry children...they are always doing something funny, and they have no idea how much they amuse me...

take for example the other Jack, who loves to 'share' whatever I happen to be drinking put not just his nose, but whole head in my cup the other day...I'm sure this is really only funny to me...but I thought I'd share :)

the three cats are getting along better these days...maybe they'll even like each other soon :)

also...super excited that new tv is back...and thank goodness for Tivo for keeping me hopelessly addicted to all the shows I love...

most excited for...The Office....only 34 hours to go until the new episode!!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

3-4:30 pm

I'm not exactly sure what it is, but for some reason, every day when the clock hits 3 pm...time stops...from then, until I clock out at precisely 4:30, it is a run out the clock situation...of course it feels like watching paint dry...does this happen to anyone else? It's about the time that I've surfed on Etsy more then I care to admit...I've read all the "quit your day job" articles, which I cannot wait to be the feature of...scanned through all the blogs I read, and plot my next moves... thank goodness for Gmail and the Gchat function, or I really don't know how I'd survive

on a lighter note...yesterday was the first day of fall, my favorite season so here are some super cute etsy fall finds!

Ranunculus Print by Kaiku

Brass Leaves earrings by Alyson1234

Thinking of Fall print by Vieiragirl

Thick 'n Leafy Scarf by fray

Monday, September 22, 2008

weekend o' fun

this weekend we got to play host to Bob & Jo, and got to take them around Baltimore, show them some good food, and good fun :p

we started the weekend off with drinks and crabs at Nicks Fish House, which I guess I'd say is a local place...tucked away in a secret locale :p

Sunday we did brunch at the Bay Cafe, where Jo was sporting a JerseyGirlDesign original necklace and earrings set ;)

and the highlight of the weekend...going to my first Ravens game! they won...and it was the perfect way to end the weekend :)

oh and the Giants and Hokies won too...

Monday, September 15, 2008

swinging sixties

talk about a whirlwind of fun...this weekend was over before it started (at least it felt that way)

friday night we arrived in orlando after a 45 minute in our rental car and drove the extra 75 miles to New Smyrna a fabulous beach house...

saturday we partied it up sixties style to celebrate Jo's 60th birthday, as well as her galore, beautiful beach really couldn't ask for more...well except maybe to stay longer :P

my favorite gift...the day of the week clock...'when the day is more important then the time'

a toast to our trip...I want to go backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

jewelry for Jo

a custom design by me :) for Jo to celebrate her 60th birthday AND her retirement!! in Gator blue :p

Friday, September 12, 2008

off to sunny Florida...I hope

we're leaving tonight (hopefully not in the rain) for 2 days in (hopefully) sunny Florida to celebrate Jo's 60th Birthday!!

want to buy my house??

pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

contact my fantastic realtor, Rebecca Perlow if you'd like to see it!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

we'll always remember...

09.11.2001...I will never forget where I was...walking into Squires for a Music Appreciation class...and I saw the tv's in the student I turned around, and went right home...and my roommates and I spent the next 48 hours glued to the tv in our was so dad was in Chicago for a conference, and he and some of his co-workers rented a car and drove all the way back to New Jersey...

and on a not sad note...Happy Birthday Meredith!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blog Carnival...September 15th edition

pick a favorite color, and show it in your work

So it's not exactly one color...but the gemstone Labradorite is quickly becoming my new favorite "color"...many times it has hints of silver, gold, white, blue and even green mixed in with the shimmery gray of this stone...
I'll's become a bit of an obsession...I have this stone in at least 10 cuts and sizes...but it's so pretty, I just can't resist!

this is the only image I have handy at the moment...but I'll put some more up when I get home :p

I <3 Crate & Barrel cute are these vases?

I wish I had a giant house so I could get everything from the new fall catalog...

thoughts and prayers for a fellow blogger

it's funny how you can feel like you know someone that you've never met...I know I feel that way about many of my friends in the blogging community, and sometimes I feel like I know more about them then people I see in my everyday life...they share pictures, their thoughts, their families, their creative passions...

many times I find someone's blog by a post on another blog I was reading...sometimes I can't even back-track to figure out how I got there in the first place! but in the case of this blogger, I can remember...1. scrapbooker of the year for Creating Keepsakes magazine, Elizabeth Kartchner keeps a sweet blog tracking her absolutely fabulous scrapbook creations, as well as pictures and stories about her adorable family...2. her friend Stephanie Nielson (aka Nie Nie) also keeps a wonderful blog, about her family (husband Christian and their four children)...tragically the two were involved in a plane crash about a month ago, and are in for a long recovery in a burn unit out in Arizona...her sister keeps updates on her blog for all of us to read...

this to me is a perfect example of why I love to blog...I don't know these people, and I'll most likely never meet them...but I feel compelled to wish them well, and send good thoughts for their recovery...

If you need a good read, visit her blog...its full of heart warming stories of family, friends and is truly inspirational, funny, and it will make you fall in love with this family!

if you'd like to help the Nielson family, you can donate to their recovery fund...or send cards, letters, or just a prayer

B.E.S.T. member...JenMenkhaus!!

So I decided that since I'm part of such a fabulous group of crafters, I should give them a little once a week I'll be bringing you...the featured BEST member of the week!

One of the founders of BEST, is the uber talented Jen Menkhaus...her shop, the littlest bean is full of wonderful felted treasures, in every color you could ever hope for!, hats, you name it, she's got it wrapped up in felty goodness :)

you can read all about Jen's crafty happenings in her blog :)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The One Where The Monkey Gets Away

Episode 19 - Season 1

Joey: All right, all right. You're a monkey; you're loose in the city. Where do you go?
Chandler: Okay, it's his first time out, so he's probably gonna wanna do some of the touristy things. I'll go to Cats, you go to The Russian Tea Room.

Ross: Marcel, bring me the rice, come on. Bring me the rice. Come on. Good boy, good boy. Come here, gimme the rice. Thank you, good boy. Well, I see he's finally mastered the difference between, "bring me the..." and "pee in the...."

Ross: Alright, I want my monkey.
Luisa: No!
Rachel: Oh, come on, Luisa!
Luisa: Sorry, Prom Queen.
Ross: You had to be a bitch in high school, you couldn't have been fat!

Phoebe: Oh, this is so intense. One side of my butt is totally asleep, and the other side has no idea.

Monday, September 08, 2008

double digits!

I know it doesn't sound like a huge accomplishment...but my etsy shop just hit 10 sales!

I'm in the double digits now...and since I have recently made the conscious decision to put a much larger effort into making my shop a success...I'm hoping that number continues to climb!

more custom orders

for Alexis to give as a gift....

for Gena for her rehearsal dinner...

for Jamie, to match the earrings she bought...

Joan's Wedding Jewelry

another wonderful customer for whom (I know that's the right word, but it sounds so funny) I was lucky enough to make her wedding jewelry is Joan...

the pictures of course don't do it justice, and I think Swarovski crystals are just about the hardest thing to photograph!

busy, busy

so now that the house is officially 100% done...I finally have a *little* more time to get things done that are not solely house I did a little jewelry making over the weekend...

these are all the orders going out today!!

thanks to Tropical Storm Hanna I was quite productive...staying home = lots o cleaning too :p my co-worker Stephanie showed me this awesome site...Storm Pulse lets you track the can see where they've been, where they're going, and lots of other fun details like wind I was able to check on our trip this weekend to Florida...only a 5% chance of tropical storm like winds!

Friday, September 05, 2008

The One With All The Poker

Episode 18 - Season 1

Monica: Do you really want a job with Popular Mechanics?
Chandler: Well, if you're gonna work for mechanics, those are the ones to work for.

Ross: Rach, did you proofread these?
Rachel: Uh... yeah, why?
Ross: Uh, nothing, I'm sure they'll be impressed with your excellent compuper skills.
Rachel: Oh my God! Oh, do you think it's on all of them?
Joey: Oh no, I'm sure the Xerox machine caught a few.

Phoebe: You guys, you know what I just realized? "Joker" is "poker" with a "J." Coincidence?
Chandler: Hey, that's... that's "joincidence" with a "C!"

big blue

won the last game of last season...and the first game of this season...pretty cool :p

"In the first game of their championship defense, the New York Giants reemerged looking not like a one-year-wonder the season after the miracle, but much like the solid team that shocked the football world seven months ago."
-Dom Amore, Hartford Courant

throwing caution to the wind...someday soon...

it's becoming clearer and clearer to me that someday soon I'll have to make a big put myself in the right direction...give myself a chance to get into a creative who wants to buy my house...I know you do...and when you do...then I get my chance, to throw caution to the wind...not be afraid to take that chance, leap into the unknown and finally be happy :)

on an unrelated happy it's friday...and I'm doing a no-hurricane dance for tomorrow so the Pigtown Festival doesn't get washed away by rain and wind!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

same city

one of my favorite people, miss captain jonny rocket herself has left the big apple for chi-town to get her MBA from Northwestern...I am so proud of her :p and can not wait to visit!