Tuesday, March 25, 2008

home sweet home

this past weekend I got to go home to good old NJ :) no matter how long it's been since I've been back, I am always so glad to be home :) we had the usual Easter festivities...dying eggs, decorating cookies, and the board games...

the highlight of the evening, was finding my dad's old board game, Clue, the version he had back when he was little, and played with my aunt and uncle and their friends...the game and the pieces are the originals, and the game cards they used to write on and keep score!

and of course we had a champagne toast, to celebrate Brother getting accepted to the Masters & PhD Program!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

two of my favorites...

the Yankees are in Blacksburg today, playing my Virginia Tech Hokies in a spring training baseball game...I'm so torn...who do I route for??

Baby Names

So first of all, I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends...and a few of them are so lucky to be expecting little ones of their very own :) big big congrats to my co-worker Kelly who is having a boy in August!! and also to the Borchers down in Texas who are having twins - boy and girl- also in August!! It will be a busy month :)

anyway...I found this fun site...for anyone expecting, who needs a name:

some of the combos are a little strange...but it also has some good ideas!

New look for bloggy

I just learned today how to play around with the colors of my blog! Yes, only took me a year and a half, but I am learning, finally :)

I'm not sure if I like it yet...I might change it to go with holidays, or seasons...or is that too much change...

any thoughts?

Bead Geek

this is definitely going to be my next Etsy purchase from Holly's super cute shop :)

Graphic Symbolism Final

Another one bites the dust...another final down...lots to go :P

for this assignment, we had to design symbols (descriptive, symbolic and typographic) for a company whose industry and practices we morally opposed. I present to you, the Mist Cigarette Company:

it's much harder than I thought...to design something for a company whose practices you don't agree with, but I guess that's the skill I'll have to learn as a designer...objectiveness, is key :p

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Week 4 Assignment for Graphic Symbolism

This week we had to create a personal graphic symbol...here's what I came up with:

hopefully it is meaningful, without the use of words :)

the house progress continues

is it done yet...is it done yet...is it done yet?????

Love to my Customers :)

I must say, even though I've sold some jewelry before this, the first two customers of my store on Etsy, April and Jennie will always be so special to me!! I was so anxious to have the "0 items sold" have any number beside it, and now to have after only 2 weeks is more than I ever expected!

Thanks girls!! I hope you get much enjoyment out of your new jewelry!!

through the eyes of a 3 year old...

this is so cute...I can barely stand it :p

Everything's Bigger in Texas

especially when you are expecting TWINS! Just got back from a weekend in the Lonestar state, visiting Liz & Jeremy, and their furry children Coach & Doby ;) who before long will be big brothers to the twins!

Had a great time...too bad it was 30 degrees there on Friday when I landed! The food was great...mexican and BBQ...and kolatchies...I think that's how you spell it...a fun filled weekend of shopping, scrapbooking and the Houston Rodeo/Martina McBride Concert!!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

showing off a bit...

the newest piece of jerseygirl jewels...but nothing I made...a gift from B for our 4 year anniversary :) :) :)

Monday, March 03, 2008

more progress in Belfair!

I'm always amazed how fast the outside of houses go up...I am totally already planning my first vacation to the parents new house :) :)

Sunday, March 02, 2008


another super belated post...but hooray for my NY Giants winning the super bowl!! I just about died watching the game...but I am sooooooo glad we made it back in time from Vermont to catch the game live :)

co-hostesses with the mostesses

Saturday was the engagement party thrown by yours truly and my fabulous co-host Alex...congrats again to my little LB and Rick :) very excited for all the wedding festivities to come!


It's official! I have items for sale at my Etsy store!! (www.jerseygirldesign.etsy.com)

It's been about a year since I started the store, but my hectic schedule has made it hard to get things moving...but finally, I have made some headway! There is much more to come...but I definitely feel like I accomplished something today :)

I'll be sending out a promotional postcard soon...so if you want one...email me your address...there's a special discount on it ;) you know you want one!!