Wednesday, July 30, 2008

why I love summer

got to be home this past weekend for lots of fun and friends...I miss summers when all we did was sit by the pool...

21 day challenge...days 25 & 26!

I've been so all over the place lately...that I sort of hit the wall on the last two days, but hey, I went 5 extra days for the challenge, so I'm not really that upset with myself...

Z was pretty bad...I could only think of zebra...and I realized, I need to figure out how I want to draw them...after a few failed attempts...I let it go :p

on to the next 21 day challenge! probably will start that after I finish moving :P


so I have a few posts in the works right's been a busy couple of days!

one of the reasons for the busyness is that classes have started up again...the one I'm currently in, is Electronic Design, and in that course, we choose a client to design my teacher suggested, I be my own client! so far we've done a newsletter and a newsprint ad, and this week is logo design as well as a magazine ad...

I got a little ahead of the game, and already designed a logo...penguins, good...purple, good...

Friday, July 25, 2008

movin' on up...

well not so much up...but definitely moving...and I'm okay with it will be an interesting adventure...moving in with B...being able to start saving money so we can get a nice house someday...not in Baltimore, and definitely not on Mangold Street...ahh things are looking up :)

love this song :)

one of the only American Idol winners I'll admit to liking ;)

♥ LB

21 day challenge...almost 24

this was a tough day...the letter x...all I could think of was x-ray and xylophone...and I mean, what else is there really?


charm city

so yes, Baltimore is known as Charm City, which usually I don't agree with...but this picture, taken about 4 months ago, is of one very charming spot in the city...we were out to dinner and happened upon the Charm City Cakes Bakery! I was so excited, we had to snap a picture outside...we even saw some of the staff outside...our very own local celebrities :) and we went to the bar across the street...Lil's I think...and had a beer, hoping one of them might stop in!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The One With Mrs. Bing

Episode 11 - Season 1

Rachel: Mrs. Bing, I have to tell you: I've read everything you've ever written. No, I mean it! I mean, when I read Euphoria at Midnight all I wanted to do was become a writer.
Mrs. Bing: Oh please, honey, listen, if I can do it, anybody can. You just start with half a dozen European cities, throw in thirty euphemisms for male genitalia, and bam! You have got yourself a book.
Chandler: My mother, ladies and gentlemen.

Rachel: Now this is just the first chapter, and I want your absolute honest opinion, okay? Oh, oh, and on page two he's not 'reaching for her heaving beasts'.
Monica: What's a 'niffle'?
Joey: You can usually find them on the 'heaving beasts'.
Rachel: All right, all right, all right. So I'm not a great typist
Ross: Wait! Did you get to the part about his 'huge throbbing pens'? Tell ya, you don't wanna be around when he starts writing with those!

21 day 23

day 23...the letter W...I was a little tired, and not up for the challenge of drawing an actual witch...anything people-like are not my favorite things to draw :p so it's just a witches hat :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

work in progress...Monday Art Day - Opposites

here's a little sketch of a salt and pepper shaker...opposites in the culinary world! I am hoping to color and submit this tonight :)

Enough- Illustration Friday

this drawing is basically what the inside of my head sounds like every day...enough...enough of the job I hate, the career that is going no where...I am really working at getting myself portfolio ready, find some good sites that I can post things, illustrator groups, self-promotion, yada yada yada...but that all takes time which there is definitely not enough of in a day! but most of all, I've really had enough of wasting my days, doing meaningless work, when I could be doing something I the ball is in motion...either an Alternative Route Teacher Preparation Program...or find a way to actually get an education degree and do what I've always wanted to do...and have time to do my own freelance work on the side...

that was probably way too much information...but I hope it makes my drawing for this week make more sense!

21 day 22?

yup, I'm still 22- the letter V

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The One With The Monkey

Episode 10 - Season 1

Joey: Aw, I didn't get the job.
Ross: How could you not get it? You were Santa last year!
Joey: I dunno. Some fat guy's sleeping with the store manager. He's not even jolly, it's all political.
Monica: So what are you gonna be?
Joey: Ah, I'm gonna be one of his helpers. It's just such a slap in the face, you know?

Phoebe: David's like, ya know, Scientist Guy. He's very methodical.
Monica: I think it's romantic.
Phoebe: Me too! Oh! Did you ever see An Officer and a Gentleman?
Rachel: Yeah.
Phoebe: Well, he's kinda like the guy I went to see that with.

Joey: You seen Sandy?
Chandler: Ooo, uh, I don't know how to tell you this, but she's in Monica's bedroom, getting it on with Max, that scientist geek. Oh, look at that--I did know how to tell you.

more progress in SC

is it done yet? is it done yet?? is it done yet???

fun girls weekend :)

this weekend one of my very bestest came down from NJ to see me :)

and after a day of lunch, massages and shopping, we gave the boys a run for their money on the beer pong table...

say hi to senior B :P

Monday, July 21, 2008

21 day challenge...18-21

a little behind on posting again...seems to be my weekend theme lately :P

here are days 18-21...and I'm going to keep on going, even though the 21 day challenge has ended, to finish up the alphabet :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

The One Where Underdog Gets Away

Episode 9 - Season 1

Chandler: And this from the cry-for-help department: Are you wearing makeup?
Joey: Yes, I am. As of today, I am officially Joey Tribbiani, actor slash model.
Chandler: That's funny, 'cause I was thinking you look more like Joey Tribbiani, man slash woman.

Chandler: Come on. An 80-foot inflatable dog loose over the city. How often does that happen?
Phoebe: Almost never!

Chandler: Alright, I'd like to propose a toast. Little toast here, ding ding. I know this isn't exactly the kind of Thanksgiving that all of you planned; but for me this has been really great, you know... I think because it didn't involve divorce or projectile vomiting. Anyway, I was just thinking, I mean, if you'd gone to Vail, if you guys had been with your family, or if you didn't have syphilis and stuff, we wouldn't be all together, you know? So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm very thankful that all of your Thanksgivings sucked.

21 day 17

the letter Q...sort of a challenge, but Queen of Diamonds, Que Ball, and Quail :P

life on mangold street

Since we can't take in anymore cats off the street...we've taken to naming them, and trying to make friends...leave them food...these are our buddies Penelope (on steps) and Nigel (ground)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The One Where Nana Dies Twice

Episode 8 - Season 1

I just have to know, okay? Is it my hair?
Rachel: Yes, Chandler, that's exactly what it is. It's your hair.
Phoebe: Yeah, you have homosexual hair.

Monica: So mom already called this morning to remind me not to wear my hair up. Did you know my ears are not my best feature?
Ross: Some days it's all I can think about.

Mr. Geller: I wanna be buried at sea, it looks like fun.
Monica: Define 'fun.'
Mr. Geller: C'mon, you'll make a day of it! You'll get a boat, pack a lunch...
Monica: ...And then we'll throw your body in the water. Gee, that does sound fun.
Mr. Geller: Everyone thinks they know me. Everyone says, 'Jack Geller: so predictable.' Maybe after I'm gone they'll say, 'Buried at sea! Huh!'
Monica: That's probably what they'll say.
Mr. Geller: I'd like that.

21 day 16!

I'm getting towards the end of the alphabet now...but tomorrow worries me...P was easy...but Q? I don't know how many things I cant think of that start with Q :p I will just have to get creative...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

computer wizard

my mom and I are a great team when it comes to long-distance computer we learned how to use the scanner...and she sent me this picture of myself, on the first day of school...not sure how old I was...but man was I skinny :p

thanks mom ;)

my brother is so smart :)

he's going to be a TA for the international environmental politics class up at UMass when he starts his PhD program in the fall...I'm such a proud sister :)

I know this is a silly picture of him...but that's why I love him :) silly brother and our famous painted holiday cookies!

21 day challenge...15

ahh, day 15, the letter O


my little blog has had 200 posts! I can hardly believe it! Thanks to all of those who read regularly...I mean you mom :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The One With The Blackout

Episode 7 - Season 1

Joey: It's never gonna happen.
Ross: What?
Joey: You and Rachel.
Ross: Wha... whatta... What? Why not?
Joey: Because you waited too long to make your move, and now you're in the friend zone.
Ross: No, no, no. I'm not in the zone.
Joey: Ross, you're mayor of the zone.

Ross: So you do know a little English.
Paolo: Poco... a little.
Ross: Do you know the word, 'crapweasel'?
Paolo: No.
Ross: That's funny, 'cause you are a huge crapweasel!

the "great" outdoors

this past weekend I did something very not like me...I went camping :P and much to my surprise, I had a really great time...we did a little hiking, swam in the river, cooked over a bonfire and played some fun games...I would do it again...but only if I had a more comfortable mattress to sleep on!

Monday, July 14, 2008

21 day challenge...11-14

whew...busy weekend = no posts on blog! but here are days 11-15, two of which were completed at the campsite!


Congrats to Liz & Jeremy!
Their little ones,
Haley Anne & Hunter Michael
were born on July 10th, 2008
at 10:01 & 10:02 pm!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The One With The Butt

Episode 6 - Season 1

Joey: Yeah, they said I acted too much with it. I told everybody about this! Now everybody's gonna go to the theater, expecting to see me, and...
Rachel: Oh, Joey, you know what? No one is gonna be able to tell.
Joey: My mom will.
Chandler: There's something so sweet and... disturbing about that.

21 day 8

I'm still going...hooray for me! Day 8, letter H...

my favorite for H...handlebar mustache ;)

work in progress- sour for IF

so I usually have been scrambling last minute just to get an entry in for my weekly illustration challenges...but I think I've gotten back in the swing of here is my 'WIP' or work in progress for this week's Illustration Friday topic: Sour

the first thing that came to mind...was sour patch kids, and how I can't go to the movies without them :p

Monday, July 07, 2008

challenge days 4, 5, 6 & 7

I took a small hiatus from posting to the blog over the july 4th weekend...but I kept up my daily sketches! here are days 4-7 (also known as D, E, F & G)

Monday Art Day - Hair

I am running a little behind from the holiday weekend...but I managed to squeeze in a post for Monday Art Day - it's actually last week's theme, but here is "HAIR"

I've never actually had this happen...but I would definitely lose my appetite if I found a hair in my soup at a restaurant...

I'm hoping to color this in Photoshop tonight :)

love is in the air :)

Congratulations to Kait & Wes for their engagement on July 3rd!

Also, happy birthday on the 3rd to two of my favorite people in the dad and my bonnie :) That's a picture of the two of them...since my dad was in NJ...he's the one 'on' the phone ;)

and a bday present for my bonnie :)

oh, and I couldn't forget Bonnie & Andy's cat, Joey...who just loooooooves Brett ;)

Featured EtsyBloggers Team Member - July!

This month's lucky featured member is.....AKeepersJackpot! A very talented jewelry maker, she uses beautiful focal pendants, wire wrapping techniques, and some cute and whimsical lettered bracelets, you can find something for everyone in her etsy shop! She also keeps us up-to-date with her blog, a very entertaining read!

Congrats to you, happy July!!