Sunday, April 22, 2012

There's Still Time!

need a gift for Mother's Day?  or just for someone you really really like?  there is still time to hit and shop my dear friend Jen's sale for her shop Yummy & Company...and do let the name fool you, the designs are simply delicious!  you can get her beautiful jewelry and prints at a discounted price, but only for a limited time!  and things are selling you don't want to miss it!

what are you waiting for?  go! go!

Showers of Happiness

 it is always a little strange when someone you've known almost your whole life has a big milestone, and this weekend was no little Dana, my across the street neighbor, had her bridal shower...she is getting married in less than one month!  I can not believe how fast it has gotten here, and even though I was still very under the weather, I could not contain my excitement for how happy she looks...she has a lot to look forward to over the next four weeks and I can not wait to celebrate the big day with her on May 19th! 

here I am with my other mom :)  and my little sis...I love my brother tons, but having a surrogate sister across the street was definitely a plus!

Friday, April 20, 2012

A Toast to Sir JoJo

If you knew me growing up, you would have said I was absolutely, 100% a dog person.  I put a puppy on my christmas list as the #1 item every year, despite the other three members of my household having pretty severe allergies to when I graduated from college and met several of my friends cats, it surprised even me how much I loved the furry little guys...Eddie was the one who really won me over- which is surprising because now I am not so much his favorite person, but I digress...

this is a story about Joey, JoJo, the Jo-ster, Captain Jo, who belonged to my best friend Bonnie and her husband Andy...

one day after we had graduated Bonnie asked me if I wanted to go to a barn to help her pick out a kitten...not the usual location, but why not I thought...and in that barn, with a goat chewing on my hair, we found Joey, small enough to fit in the palm of our hands, and so ready to get out of that barn, away from the goat...he was so cute, fluffy, and as we would come to :)

now I didn't spend every day with Joey, since he was Bonnie's cat, but I saw him enough to learn a few is important to stay very still, because humans are just large toys to Joey- any movement is enough to set him to stealth mode, ready to pounce on a hand, foot, whatever...but also that he was not actually cat, but just another human like us...

the biggest testament to that, he was very picky about his food, he loved to be outside when we were all there, and he had a human enemy...that's right, Brett and Joey were mortal enemies, although secretly I know they both loved messing with each other...they had one special experience when Joey was young, and slept on Brett for an entire night, and ever since then, they've been battling like brothers :)  sometimes (but not usually) unprovoked, and other times they'd have staring contests for hours...

my fondest memories are when I stayed at Bonnie's apartment, and Joey came and jumped in while I was in the shower, then proceeded to turn out the light while I was still in there (hey, he was done, right?) or when he would come up and smack Brett in the face for no reason, or the most famous one, when he was peeing in the camping chair, and no one believed me...he thought he was sneaky, but I saw :)

I know they know this, but Joey was an amazing cat, with the biggest personality I've ever seen, and probably ever will see...he made us laugh, cry and life will never be the quite the same without him...

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Spring Break is here!

there is no doubt that spring break is a necessity for every teacher and every student...we are all just about ready for a little time away from each other :)  I am convinced the feeling is this year I wanted to make sure I took time to relax, tried to get some things done around the house, and hopefully have some time to be creative...

first on the agenda was a day of wine drinking with my bestie...what started as a possible three winery tour turned into an entire day...we made friends along the way, and just got to catch up on everything, since we both teach and have no free time :P

the middle of the week was a blur of cleaning and organizing...then we hopped in the car with my brother and made the long drive to South Carolina, to spend a few days with my family and Brett's dad & stepmom...the weather was beautiful and we finally got to have a first meeting of the families...which seems crazy that it took eight years for that to happen...but geography was our biggest challenge...but we had a great time, eating, golfing, playing games...very glad we got to see everyone and that they all met and got along so well!

now it's back to more day off...and the countdown to summer vacation begins!