Sunday, April 08, 2012

Spring Break is here!

there is no doubt that spring break is a necessity for every teacher and every student...we are all just about ready for a little time away from each other :)  I am convinced the feeling is this year I wanted to make sure I took time to relax, tried to get some things done around the house, and hopefully have some time to be creative...

first on the agenda was a day of wine drinking with my bestie...what started as a possible three winery tour turned into an entire day...we made friends along the way, and just got to catch up on everything, since we both teach and have no free time :P

the middle of the week was a blur of cleaning and organizing...then we hopped in the car with my brother and made the long drive to South Carolina, to spend a few days with my family and Brett's dad & stepmom...the weather was beautiful and we finally got to have a first meeting of the families...which seems crazy that it took eight years for that to happen...but geography was our biggest challenge...but we had a great time, eating, golfing, playing games...very glad we got to see everyone and that they all met and got along so well!

now it's back to more day off...and the countdown to summer vacation begins!

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