Friday, July 25, 2008

charm city

so yes, Baltimore is known as Charm City, which usually I don't agree with...but this picture, taken about 4 months ago, is of one very charming spot in the city...we were out to dinner and happened upon the Charm City Cakes Bakery! I was so excited, we had to snap a picture outside...we even saw some of the staff outside...our very own local celebrities :) and we went to the bar across the street...Lil's I think...and had a beer, hoping one of them might stop in!

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Lara said...

I hope I'm not breaking blog protocol, but I'm the marketing director at Mrs. Grossman's and we want fans of Duff Goldman to know that we've launched a series of completely cute stickers in collaboration with Charm City Cakes! They're great for all kinds of projects - you can check them out here:

Click on “What’s New”


-Lara Starr
Marketing Director
Mrs. Grossman's