Monday, February 04, 2013

it certainly was Super!

okay, before I start this, remember...I am a Giants fan, through and through.  always have been.  always will be. 

but it was pretty cool to watch the Ravens win last night.  we could hear fireworks going off around our house, and even though they really made us "wait for it..." they pulled off a very nice win.

we watched the game with Bonnie & Andy...made lots of yummy snacks...and I only covered my eyes a few times.

wasn't super impressed by many commercials- I can't even really think of one off the top of my head to tell you the truth.  but i will say this...the city was mighty purple today, and i am happy to have tomorrow off because i hear there is some sort of parade happening ;)

also, i know it makes me sound old...but very glad we were not out watching the game last night- this is a picture from the news of Federal Hill...

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