Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blog Carnival - April 24th Edition

This week's question: describe your dream studio (or if you already have one, give details!). Decorating, supplies you wish you had, size, etc.

I definitely do not already have my dream I now sit at a cramped desk overflowing with school books, bills and a sleeping cat, the first thing on my list for a dream studio...SPACE! I'd love to have multiple workstations, one for my computer, one for the actual work to be done, and a third for finished designs and packing up orders.

I'd also love a room with lots of natural light, and windows that I could open when it is nice out. I'd love a view of something other then the neighbors...preferably something nature-y.

I'd have lots of room for inspiration- places to hang images, idea boards and lots of room to put post-it notes and white boards to jot all my ideas and deadlines on. And a whole wall just for organizing supplies and storage.

The room would be bright and airy- painted a pretty color...purple, or blue or green maybe?

I wonder if such a place exists :p

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Karen said...

I have a lot of the same ideas you do--lots of natural light and room to organize. I want to be able to see all my stuff b/c sometimes I forget what I have!

I also need my tv so I can watch marathons of fun shows or Lifetime movies, or my boombox to listen to Sirius.

And of course my cats walking in and out b/c they're such great helpers!