Monday, January 11, 2010 I'm 28...

sounds weird to say...and this will be the year that our 10 year HS reunion's hard to believe the time has gone so fast!

so to make this a little more fun...28 things about me :)

1. I was born on a Monday, in Summit, New the snow :)

2. snow is my favorite form of precipitation :)

3. as of today I am 10,228 days old or...883,699,200 seconds, or 14,728,320 minutes, or 245,472 hours, or 1461 weeks old (

4. my favorite kind of shoe? flip flops...hands down...I own more pair then I care to admit :)

5. I really like even numbers, but 5 is okay...since it's in the 'middle'...

6. I will color-code anything I can...calendars, file folders, my closet...

7. I can watch re-runs of Friends over and over...and I usually do

8. Penguins are my favorite animal...although I am partial to black cats :)

9. Fall is my favorite season

10. I love Christmas, and I wish it could be all year long!

11. every Christmas eve, my family watches It's a Wonderful Life...and then I watch A Christmas Story as much as I can during the 24-hour marathon on TBS...basically any holiday movie is okay by me!

12. in the past 5 years, I've been to over 30 weddings...and been in 4 of them...and been Maid of Honor twice

13. growing up, I put a 'puppy' on my Christmas list every year...and now I have 3 cats

14. I have lived in 3 states, New Jersey, Virginia and Maryland

15. I'm a Hokie...and proud of it...we bleed maroon and orange!

16. I'm also a crazy person who went back for a second degree in Graphic Design, first one in Marketing...but I'm in the home stretch!

17. making jewelry is one of the few things in my life that relaxes me :)

18. I hope to get a job as an art teacher one day soon...

19. I also want to write children's books :)

20. a hobby I wish I had more time for, is Photography

21. I love to cook...and I think I'm finally getting better at it! I make a mean lasagna though :)

22. my favorite color is purple...but I love all colors, and color combinations...

23. I love to plan parties, especially the details...plates, favors, decorations...

24. my favorite saturday morning activity? kickboxing class...hi-ya!

25. there is nothing in the world I love to eat more, then pizza from Alfonsos, in Hillsborough, NJ...if they could cater my wedding with pizza, I'd do it :p

26. my car has over 134,000 miles on it...and my goal is to get it to 200,000!

27. two things that you'll always find in my purse? my camera, and a sketchbook/pencil

28. going to be MY year :)

Happy Birthday to me! :)

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