Thursday, October 27, 2011

A new look for the Etsy Shop!

one of the many wonderful pieces of advice I took away from attending the Summit of Awesome, were the shop critique notes from the lovely Cheyne of Etsy!  First up on my list of things to work on, was my shop banner.  while the graphic designer in me loved the original banner, it definitely took away from the items in the shop, and let's be honest, that is really what is important! 

so here is the before...

and the after! 

what do you think??


Amanda said...

Very nice Lauren! :)

GlowGirl Fibers said...

I really like it! Not that the old one was bad...but this one really helps show what you do!

Lauren said...

Thanks Deb!!

I liked the old one too- will keep that for signs and business card stuff...but I think the new one ties in better with the rest of the shop!