Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Blog Carnival...August 4th edition

I love eating food off the grill...only problem, I am not so good when it comes to grilling...I leave that up to B...for some reason, boys just seem to be naturally good at grilling food...knowing when its done, etc...I am not :P

My favorite thing to grill is burgers, and I love to stuff the cheese inside before grilling...its less messy and a fun surprise :)

my newest grill obsession...grilled asparagus! olive oil, salt and pepper and on the grill...could not be easier or more delicious!

and finally, I guess we need a starch to complete my grilled recipe meal :P my mom's famous grilled potatoes...

I usually figure like 1 large potato for every two people, sliced thin and mixed with butter salt and pepper and any other seasonings you like (I always include garlic, or garlic salt) and put the mixture in tin foil...then throw it on the grill about 20 minutes on each side...

so there you have it...now go on, grill!

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