Saturday, November 22, 2008

Blog Carnival - November 24th Edition

This week's blog carnival is hosted by me!! The topic I chose to write about is....

What is your favorite tradition for the Thanksgiving holiday?

I absolutely love the holidays...pretty much once October hits until my birthday in January, I'm a happy girl :) Thanksgiving is always fun, because I usually haven't been home to see the family in a while, and all my friends who now live all over the country make it back to good old Hillsborough to celebrate. My dad and I get to watch football, and my mom and I do some baking, and pre-Christmas preparations...but the best part of Thanksgiving, is dinner at my Aunt & Uncle's house. The past few years have been extra special, because my Aunt battled and beat breast cancer, and is back in the swing of things cooking up a Thanksgiving feast...its not the food that's important, but the fact that she can, and does cook a fabulous meal, and we all have the best time together...

and now it's less than a week away!! I can not wait to see everyone at home on Wednesday!!!!!

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