Sunday, April 03, 2011

Favorite Etsy Shop - The Littlest Bean

for this week's favorite shop, I am bringing the love right back home to The Littlest Bean, run by Jen Menkhaus, BEST leader extraordinaire!  she truly does everything, and does it well...keeps our group running and still manages to create beautiful designs in felt- and she's always coming up with something new!

most likely you'll be drawn to her shop or booth by all the bright pops of what you see in her felt circle rings

or maybe you need a pretty flower headband?  who doesn't!?!

and another new design that I just love...the bubble necklace!

check out The Littlest Bean on Etsy, for all your colorful, felt know you have them!!  and the best part about all of Jen's that most things can be custom ordered- in any color you want!!  felt galore!!

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