Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DIY Wednesday - Glitter Keys

One of my (many) goals for the summer, along with taking time to do art of my own, getting my house in some kind of order, trying out new recipes, and above all relaxing...I wanted to try out some fun and easy DIY projects that I've seen on Pinterest and other blogs I frequent.

So the first project I decided to tackle was glitter-fying my keys...since we all know what a huge fan of glitter I am, so I thought it would be a great place to start!

I had seen this pin on Pinterest a few months back, which lead me to an adorable blog My oh My written by a fellow Art Teacher, CMae.  You can see her original post here, and I suggest you poke around on her blog if you like art, books, crafts, or just a good read!

First I chose a color from my extensive glitter collection, found some glue in my basket of adhesives, and I put down some wax paper, to contain the mess.

One layer of glue and glitter, left to dry for an hour, and then repeat on the next side.

Then to keep all that glitter from flaking off into my purse, car and everywhere else...of course let's face's everywhere in my house anyway...a layer of clear nail polish on each side.

And voila!  Glitter keys...DIY project #1 of the summer complete :)

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