Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday's Shoe Story

It's such a strange transition that my closet has taken...from tons of heels that were way too high and way too skinny, to sensible, comfortable flats that I can wear teaching, or just out running errands.

slowly packing up the bags of donations to goodwill, and replacing (of course...can't let the supply get too low!) I came across these, super comfy and I think super cute shoes at Target...oh Target, the store I need to stay far, far away from!

They are a good option when closed-toed shoes are necessary, and their neutral color makes them match just about everything :)  although, realizing that this is not the best photo...since they pretty much blend into the carpet...oh well!


Jenni~ Lana Bella said...

I'm totally telling Lexi you got those she will be so jealous. She tried them on to and needed a 7.5 but we could only find a 7 or an 8.

Lauren said...

ahh! she wants that same color? in a 7.5? I'll keep an eye out for them here!