Saturday, June 08, 2013

when your new boyfriend meets your best friends

I love my best friends.  they know me, they have seen me go through the best and up until recently, the worst times.  so now that things are going great for me, I was so excited to get to spend a whole weekend with Bonnie, Andy and Jim :)

so we planned to go see Drop Dead Sexy...again...because you can never have enough! 

but in typical fashion for the outdoor concerts we have tried to go to in the past.  it rained.  a LOT.  so concert was a no-go...but we still had a fantastic time...dinner and drinks are weather-proof!

we went to Carpool in Herndon, right around the corner from their house, after some leftover Red, White and Blue shots from Memorial Day!

makes my heart happy that all my best people get along so great, and that we have so much fun together.  this is how it is supposed to be :)

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