Saturday, June 01, 2013

my favorite text ever

I have to admit, when texting first became a "thing" (side note- my spell check doesn't even recognize 'texting' as a word!) I was really against it.  it just seemed like another way that people didn't really have to talk to each other...more detachment from actual social interactions, and more hiding behind keyboards and screens...and being a teacher made it even more clear that this was can hardly carry on conversations with each other, let alone look you in the eye when they talk to you!

but enough ranting...that was a few years ago, and I've since found texting to actually be a useful thing...when you are looking for someone and it's loud...for sending addresses which can automatically be opened up in Google maps...

so I'm on the bandwagon now...especially when I get texts like this from my awesome friends!

oh, and check out these strawberries growing outside J's house!

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