Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I've been tagged!

So, I've been "tagged" by a member of my etsybloggers group! Thanks Julie!!

Now, I have to list 6 random facts about myself...and tag 5 of my bloggy friends! sooooooo...I'm going to continue the Etsy love...and tag...

1. JellyBeans - http://jellybeansart.blogspot.com

2. APrettyRock - http://www.aprettyrock.com/blog

3. TummyAche - http://julieknoblock.blogspot.com

4. Gennine - http://www.geninne.com


Six Random things...about me!
1. When I watch TV, the volume level has to be on an even number...both my parents do it too...we don't think it's weird :)

2. When I was younger, every year for Christmas, I'd ask for a puppy...now I have three cats

3. I love soup...I could eat it every day if I had to...and I eat it 12 months a year...even in the summer

4. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday, I turn on the Christmas music and movies the day after Thanksgiving, and I keep the decorations up until my birthday (January 11)...and every year I watch most of the 'A Christmas Story' 24-hour marathon on TBS

5. I've always wanted to be a children's book author/illustrator, just like Dr Seuss

6. The ringtone for my cell phone is the Charlie Brown Peanuts Theme

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Yazmin @ A Pretty Rock said...

I finally got around to making my post! :)


Thanks for tagging me!

(Btw, you make me think I should change my ring tone too!) :)