Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thursdays Shoe Story

to the untrained eye, this may just look like a brand new pair of old navy flip flops. and yes, while that is true...they are so much more than that...there is a whole story behind these flip flops...

a few (eek, maybe 2?) years ago, Bonnie and I took a road trip to Bedford, attend and attempt to sell some of our crafty things at a wine was not quite as we had hoped, driving the 5 hours down there, staying in a very shady hotel, then getting up extra early, struggling to set up a tent on the most windy day of the year...only to have one thing sell between the two of us!

oh, and I got such a bad sunburn- the lines from it were still visible 6 months later! we stopped for dinner on the way home and to get Aloe for my poor arms...and on the way back we were relaxing, enjoying the cool breeze from the sun roof when I realized, there was a cigarette butt on the top of the sunroof, and I didn't want it to fall in the car, so the genius that I am, used one of my flip flops to try and knock it off. which I did, but my flip flop went out the sun roof too- 60 mph + flimsy shoe = disaster :p

Bonnie, being the wonderful friend that she is, actually turned the car around, on one of those police, 'do not turn around in' medians, and we went back for the shoe- this is on a fairly large highway I might add. As we turned around, we saw a tractor trailer coming down the road and I thought my shoe was toast...but by some miracle, it was unharmed :)

now that's not the end of the story...we cut to last summer...again Bonnie and I are on a road trip, this time with the guys in Atlantic City...its our last day there, we're just coming up the boardwalk from the beach, when I catch my foot on a plank of wood and go flying forward...only to find, my flip flop - the one that survived being run over...was ripped apart! The thong part and most of the bottom of the flop around it had been pulled away...

so this pair is my new one for the summer of 2009...I highly doubt it will have the same fun memories my old pair did...but here's hoping!!

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