Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursdays Shoe Story

this is probably going to seem weird to most of you.

but I have a lot of shoes.

shoes that I don't wear nearly often enough.

this is going to be a way for me to go through my collection, reminisce, possibly get rid of some that I have no more use for...

so, without further ado, Shoe Story #1

These shoes are my most recent additions...and I honestly haven't bought a pair of shoes in quite some time, but these I found, while in Houston visiting the Borchers happened to be MLK weekend, and there were sales...these were marked down fom $50 to $ was meant to be!

I haven't worn them yet, since when I purchased them it was 70 degrees in Houston, but not so much in Baltimore...but I mean, look how cute they are?? I'll find many a time to wear them come spring and summer :) Happy, sunshiney yellow :)

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