Thursday, February 11, 2010

didn't we do this already??

I love snow as much- no, probably more- then the next person...but I'm starting to get a bit cabin-feverish...I did make it out on Tuesday to work, but by the time I was picked up at 2pm, the snow had begun to fall estimate (since it's hard to tell where the last snow stopped and this snow began) is about 10-12 more inches...they predicted anywhere to over 20, so we can be glad it wasn't quite that bad...we never lost power through all of this, thankfully, and although our arms are sore from shoveling, I have no complaints for our plentiful snow :)

and I don't work again until Monday, so now I just sit back, and enjoy :) and take pictures of the cool icicles that formed outside! oh and rekindle my love with Mr Coffee...I forgot how easy it is to make coffee at home...I get it free at work, so I usually don't bother...what a happy discovery :)

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