Thursday, February 11, 2010

I am Smitten (Kitchen)

I have to thank my friend Danielle for bringing to my attention one of the cutest little cooking blogs ever! Smitten Kitchen is run by Deb, out of good old NYC (where they probably have the best food, hands down...sorry Baltimore)...but she's not promoting all the fab restaurants or zillions of take-out empires the city has, no no...she's cooking up a storm!

her blog goes back about four years, and in my snow-induced lock down, I've been going through just about all of "recipes" bookmark in Firefox is jam packed of new things to try...once I can hit the store for ingredients :)

the initial recipe that caught my eye, was one for mini soft pretzels...

how cute are these?? here is the direct link...but trust me, you're going to want to bookmark, and read through her entire blog (which is also broken down into categories if you're impatient :) -or not snowed in)

I could easily pick 98057084260707 other recipes to feature as you're just going to have to go read, and see what I mean :)

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