Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What I'm Working on...Wednesday

can I just say everything?? I have finals due today...but I'm also trying to organize my jewelry, to start purchasing new items for my spring craft shows, but more importantly, to remember what it is I already have in my inventory...from all the schlepping that went on at the holiday craft shows, I ended up with stuff...EVERYWHERE...

here are some of the things I hope to be purchasing for this season's designs...some new charms, lucite flower beads and of course more of that yummy pineapple quartz!

I'm also working up some ideas for a series of note cards...that I'll feature in my other Etsy shop...that has yet to have a single item much to do!..all I will say about them, is they have a big polka-dot influence...stay tuned :)

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