Tuesday, January 11, 2011

29 years young

I've had a few really memorable birthdays, and coming into this year, I really doubted I'd have anything that would make me want to remember 29...but this year, will always be known as the year of the flu...

thankfully, the 102 fever I managed to cook up over the weekend had died down, and I was able to drag myself out of bed for the first time in several days, to get up, take a shower, dry my hair, put on makeup and get dressed for a nice dinner out in the city...it started out raining, but by the end of dinner, a beautiful fluffy snow had started to fall!  besides not *really* being able to taste my food or wine...it was a fantastic night out, and I think it helped me to start to feel like I was getting over the flu...finally!

it got me thinking of other birthdays that I've had, 29 occasions in all, and I've been pretty lucky to have had quire a few good ones...I'll always remember the 11th birthday party when we were supposed to go ice skating, but a blizzard left us stuck at my house...so we ended up "skating" in the frozen backyard...or my surprise 16th birthday party that Bonnie and Erin threw me in my parent's basement...and I had NO idea it was happening!...then of course there was 21, where we went out late and had dinner at Applebees, where my first legal drink was served to me...and most recently, 25 when we went with Bonnie and Andy to Las Vegas- my first time there- and even though it was a record cold while we were there, it was a great time!

this year was definitely more low-key, but the weather, and the flu contributed to that...I'm sure we'll do a nice big joint celebration when we find a good weekend, and we're all recovered from illnesses and holiday mania :)

last year of my 20's...how did it get here so fast??

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