Wednesday, January 12, 2011

what I'm working on - new pendant designs!

something that I've been wanting to do, for a very long time (as per usual), is design my own silver pendants...I've had great success incorporating the designs of others into my work with gemstones, but the true creative inside of me wanted to be able to say, "yes I designed this pendant myself" and not, no...I just put it on the chain...of course it helped me to make my designs better, and get people's attention, which in turned led me to be able to further my business and sales, etc...but it's time to year, new designs!

my first line that I'm working on is a series of astrological sign I'll have 12 new designs, one for each zodiac sign...I hoped to have them ready for my fellow capricorns...but being sick put me back a bit...

anyway, preliminary sketches are done, and now I'm working with companies who will cast the designs in sterling silver for me, so I can start putting them out there to see what reactions I get!  very exciting- I can't wait to see my sketches come to life in beautiful jewelry!

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