Monday, June 09, 2008

Becka & Tripp got married :)

what a weekend it was! friday morning through about sunday afternoon is a big blur, but it's hard to believe it's already over! Becka & Tripp's wedding was fabulous, and tons of fun...starting with pedicures and manicures friday morning, a bridesmaids lunch, rehearsal dinner at Camden Yards, a little singing at Howl at the Moon, and of course, wedding festivities at St Bartholomew's church and Pier 5 Hotel on the inner harbor...

the only minor snag of the day...when the party bus did not show up to bring us to the we made other arrangements...

but the bus did finally show, and we made it to the Pier IV hotel for the reception and many celebratory drinks :)

our photographer Andrew Reilly did a fantastic job- you can see some of the pics on his blog!

my favorite of his shots was of the heat lightning that came in during the reception

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