Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Blog Carnival for June

We have two topics for this week's blog carnival...and I thought I'd touch on both :)

Theme 1: What does success mean to you?
We all have our own ideas about what makes a person successful. Do you feel you are a success in your business? What makes you feel or not feel that way.

for me, I've been struggling, basically since the day I graduated from college to discover what it was that would make me happy in my day-to-day 'work life'...so far, I really haven't found it in any paying job I've had...and there have been many, actually too many...but they've paid the bills, and that is why I am still just going through the motions in my 9-5 (actually 8-4:30) day job...it wasn't until I started working on crafty projects that I really felt happy, and the discovery of Etsy really was the push I needed to get off my butt and try and make something happen for myself...it's been a little slow coming, with the demands of a full time job and school, but I think that I'm on my way to success :)

lately I've had a few very positive steps forward with my jewelry making, and that is something that always makes me feel successful...the most important thing, is not to get discouraged, and keep working towards my goal...the hardest part to understand, is not all successes happen overnight...they definitely take time and effort :)

Theme 2:
Lovin the Craft
So, you have an Etsy shop. You enjoy to make and create and really love it when others love it as well. What kind of crafts do you do for yourself? Any adventurous do-it-yourself handy work stories? Is your home filled with your creations? Do you make your own clothes, jewelry, etc.? If so, why not show off your favorite item you kept for yourself.

make everything I can think of...I've made myself jewelry, painted and photographed images for my walls, coasters, candles, the list goes on...the list of projects that have yet to be started, also a very long list...but the way I see it, if it's something I plan to sell, at least I can enjoy it before it gets sent off to its new home :)

It's not the best picture, but my most favorite thing I've kept for myself recently is this smoky quartz and pink chalcedony necklace, that I am actually wearing today :)


The Wildfire: Gifts and Decor said...

Pretty necklace! Thanks for participating. :)

storybeader said...

glad you found etsy. nice necklace, too!