Tuesday, February 22, 2011

tutorial - chalkboard frames!

I'm always looking for cute arts and crafts to make with kids, now that I'm an after school teacher, and aspiring full time teacher...so when I came across this idea, it seemed just the thing that my kids could handle, and would really enjoy!

they always love to paint, and what better then to make their own chalkboard!? 

another awesome idea, courtesy of Real Simple:

What you need:
Chalkboard Paint 

  1. Place frame on newspaper in a well-ventilated area. Paint frame and let it dry.
  2. Pop in a favorite photo. Using the chalk, write your special message.

this of course was featured around Valentine's day, but doesn't have to be limited to that...you can find many colors of paint, and customize to any holiday!  also, you can just paint other wooden surfaces, to make your own mini chalkboards!  kids can practice their letters and numbers, erase and start again!!

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