Tuesday, February 08, 2011

a Valentine's tutorial

I'm always looking for cute (and very important- simple) arts and crafts projects to make with my Kindergarten class, and I think this week we'll try this on for size...

cute Valentine's day garlands!  I have plenty of spare paper lying around the house, so all I need is a hole punch and some string...

we can decorate our room, and then the kids can take them home to decorate their houses :)

here are the directions:

What you need:
Assorted Paper
Needle and Thread
2” Scalloped Shaped Hole Punch

  1. Fold 3” to 6” paper squares in half and cut a half heart from the fold.
  2. Thread needle and string hearts together through the top center of the folded paper hearts.
  3. Using scalloped hole punch, make shapes from paper. Thread needle and string through the opposite sides of each scalloped paper.
  4. Add as many hearts and scallops as it takes to raech your desired length.

tutorial from Real Simple

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