Sunday, September 02, 2012

Favorite Etsy Shop- Jerseymaids

so it's sort of a funny random story...of how I came to "know" Lauren, the owner of Jerseymaids.

first of all, anyone named Lauren is cool in my book...(yes I have very strict criteria...)

but it was in December of last year, that a woman stopped me at a craft show and said "hey!  you're the girl who's friends with Danielle!"

to which I replied..."hmmm...I don't know, I might know a Danielle..."

well the weird thing is...I actually knew who she was talking about after she started to describe her...I had 'met' her at Baltimore's comic convention- I don't know the exact name- when I was there a few years ago with my super talented cousin Brian, who was selling his art...Danielle, who writes the comic, Girls with Slingshots was there- I scooped her card, and got hooked reading her comic...

well it turns out Lauren (also a Lauren B) whose shop also has the name Jersey in it, also happens to live in Maryland!  and she is friends with Danielle- actually friends...not just met once ;) 

if that's not enough weird coincidences for you...I don't know what is!  a case of mistaken identity...but flattering, since it's a very talented person I was mistaken for :)

and it just so happens that her work is amazing- combining her love of photography with jewelry and accessories...and even cufflinks, and cases for your iPhone!  it seems like every time I check in, she's got a new product!

these cute hairpins

or these adorable hot air balloon earrings

and awesome cases for your can pick out one of her photos, or even send in one of your own for a custom case :)

 here is the necklace I got from her, when she was having a sale on

it's hard to see the here is a close-up of the image of the Cherry Blossoms :)

I get lots of compliments when I wear it :)  and it's fun to know a fellow Lauren B from Jersey made it :)

so go check out her shop and blog :)  and pick up some gifts...and something for yourself too ;)

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