Monday, September 03, 2012

playing catch-up

so I will try as hard as I can not to sound whiny...but being four days behind everyone else at school is tough...wah :(  haha!  but I know...I could be in that position of not having a job, of having them not realize that my evaluation was a bunch of behind the ball and scrambling is the name of the game right now...but in a few weeks...I think I'll feel settled back in.

I hope.

I am not entirely done with setting up my room...but I do feel like this year is going to be WORLDS better than last room, not two.  372 students, not 860.  a supportive administration, not...well...there aren't really words for what that was...

plus, I can put ALL my energy into making my room exactly how I want it to be- being there every day of the week...and not worrying about running back and forth, did I forget something that I need at the other school?!

this year is going to be better.  SO much better.

so as far as classroom set is what I've got so far:

this will be the Artist of the Month board - probably one who was born that month...sitting on top of not one, but two broken kilns :)

a few of those motivational posters I discovered via Pinterest!

a nice little library center :)

my color theory wall

behavior management stoplight- will have to get a better picture when I get in tomorrow...but these are dry erase sentence strips!  and above that is my class helpers...each table will rotate, so there aren't millions of hands raised asking to help pass out stuff, or clean up...which I do love...but every little question takes time...and time we have so little of in class!

rules, and our BIG goal!

a place for their sketchbooks (which are just manila folders with paper stapled inside...gotta do what ya gotta do with no budget...)

and make-up work, extra credit work, and work with no name bins!

and something I'm super proud of...labels for my tables- each table is assigned a color...and this has how you say that color in 7 languages!  that one I thought up all on my own!

see what wondrous things you can do when you don't have two classrooms to set up!? 

okay...time to get the other 98749287596 things done that I need to have ready for tomorrow...

happy Labor Day everyone :)

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