Saturday, September 08, 2012

photo Saturday

wouldn't ya know...Friday happy hour (which turned into happy hourS) included a visit from the Raven's cheerleaders...we got t-shirts, bracelets, bottle openers, key chains, coozies, bead necklaces...and were entered into a raffle to win tickets to Monday nights game- that reminds me...get home early on traffic is the WORST.

but it was a fun surprise, and getting free stuff is always cool...even if they are my #2 team :)  (don't worry are still #1)

and yes, my eyes are always closed in pictures...

especially after walking 3 miles home in 90+ degree heat after my car over heated on the way home.


ugh.'s the weekend :)  and today is day 1 of grad school!  more on that later :)

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