Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Inspiration

so I usually post something inspirational that I've found out on the internet somewhere, but this week I thought I'd share something that happened in my classroom :)

one of the first big discussions we had this year, was the topic of "why is art important"...I had been having my students write their own answers, and I started to see them get frustrated, because a lot of my students have trouble with literacy on both the reading and writing end...

so when I had one of my 1st grade classes come through, I decided we'd make a poster, that I would write their answers on...and have them all sign it.

the kids did a great job, and their answers were so creative!  and it looks so pretty hanging outside my room!

got this idea from CMae - she's a great Art teacher in Arizona...I highly suggest you check her out!

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