Tuesday, September 04, 2012

first day of year 2

whew!  first day with classes...it's one of those things where no matter how many days and hours you prepare...you really never feel ready...but then again...you just have to be...so I guess it's okay not to 'feel' ready...because OCD me could always do something more...change this, adjust that, re-make this...you get the idea

but as far as first days go, I have very little to complain about...three classes, a few breaks in my day to get things organized...had my rules and procedures already outlined and in poster form, had my seating charts pre-made...and when it came down to it, I was really impressed with myself that I remembered almost all the students names!

remembering 400 this year will be so much easier then 800 like last year...did I mention how much happier I am this year?  already, on day 1 I can feel the difference.

I also feel like being in my second year in the same building, I have a bit more credibility with my students...or "cred" as they'd probably say...I am really glad to prove to them that I want to be there, and won't just up and leave them like other teachers have...

happy school year to me and all the teachers out there!!

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