Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas craft shenaningans

most of my holiday shopping this year was done online, through small businesses on Etsy, or at craft shows...but I had a few more things to check off my list, so I ventured out today with my partner in crime, Maureen

we learned a few things today...first of all...don't ever attempt to go to the mall this close to Christmas and expect to find a parking spot...we wasted 40 minutes looking for parking before throwing in the towel...

we learned standing in line in Old Navy for about the same length of time is just as dangerous...I think almost all the items she picked up were while we were waiting in the mile long line to the register...

and finally we tried, and perfected a fun holiday craft...making trays out of peppermints!  the first few came out a little *over cooked*...and we realized that using a cookie sheet that was level was also pretty important...and that making a bowl from the mints did not work as well.


oh, also, throwing all the mints on ground (still wrapped thankfully) is not the best way to go :p

but we did get a few that came out good...

we followed the instructions found on this blog- 350 degrees for 7ish minutes...on parchment paper :)  

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