Monday, December 31, 2012

NYE nails!

I have become pretty obsessed with painting my nails- especially since Pinterest helped me discover the 3-Way Glaze by Essie...

it's basically a do-it-yourself gel manicure!  you can use your own nail polish- any kind you'd like...AND...for an $8 bottle...I've done at least 50+ manicures and still have some left!  well worth the investment people!

so for New Years Eve...I decided to go sparkly...but understated sparkly...

 I used two bottom coats of the 3-way glaze...3 coats of the "It's totally Fort Worth it" by OPI and one coat on my ring fingers of "Seduce Me" by Pure Ice- a christmas gift from Mom :)  followed by one more top coat of the glaze!  

then I did my other top secret tricks for drying your nails- spray with some cooking spray and run under ice cold water.  you can see my pinky nail did not survive as well as the next time I will break out the nail polish dryer my brother got me for Christmas!

there ya go!  nails perfect for New Years eve!!

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