Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snowflakes for Sandy Hook, Peace on Earth & ArtSonia!

that is a long title!  but I haven't posted anything in a few days...and I am OFFICIALLY on vacation until January 2nd :)

today wasn't the smoothest day, and for some reason, the migraine of all migraines decided today was a great day to visit me...but, I don't have to go into work until January!  wooooooohoooo!

it was kind of a rough week, coming back to school after the events of last week, thinking what I would do in that situation, listening to the students talk about what they thought's amazing how many kids thought that everyone at the entire school was killed...more then one child told me that they were sad that only one person survived.  I tried to correct them, without getting into too much do you really talk to kids about something like that?

so my principal asked if I'd design a banner for the whole school to sign, and a parent who was traveling to Connecticut was going to deliver it.

we are also starting to create a stockpile of snowflakes to send to the school

this week my students talked about why they wished for Peace on Earth...since it's commonly talked about at Christmas- well and at Miss America pageants...haha- here are a few of their responses:

and last but not least in Art room news...I FINALLY...yes finally, have our ArtSonia site up and running...I wish I had got my act together sooner...and it is definitely time consuming to photograph, crop, rename and upload...but I was really impressed how many permission slips I got back so quickly, and how many parents went online and granted access themselves!

so go check out our will only show the students whose parents have given access to it's small for now...but hopefully it will be a great gallery soon!!

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