Sunday, December 16, 2012

December Art Room happenings!

it's hard to post this work today without thinking about those poor families, whose children will never bring home any more art work from think, how safe is my school...or is any school for that matter?

but I won't get into it further than that...unless you want to just see blubbery mess on this screen...

so instead, I'll give you some of the art my kids at school have been making...we are getting into a great rhythm, and I'm so impressed with the amount of work we've done this year compared to last year...

5th grade worked on perspective and points of view- they drew a "winter character" of their choice from three different view points

4th grade worked on these cute 'melted' snowmen...with a writing incorporation

3rd grade made winter landscapes in cool colors with geometric shapes

Kindergarten-2nd grade made these adorable 'peek-a-boo' polar cute I couldn't help myself!

PK-1st grade made colorful snowmen

2nd grade made winter scenes in snowglobes

and heres another penguin :)  this one is from a 1st grader :)

whew!  and that was all since Thanksgiving!

we have been really busy...and in the next week, we'll finish up some small stuff before we get back into the swing of things in 2013 :)

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