Thursday, December 06, 2012

grad school coma

Saturday, 8:30am...first final project is turned in.

Saturday, 12 test taken.

by 3pm on Saturday I'll officially be two classes into my certification/masters program.  but until then, I will be typing, reading, editing, retyping, and obsessing over my final unit plan that I have to turn in.

the cats are doing their best to help motivate me...

in case you were wondering, these are two different one is Jack, bottom one is Kevin...

when I was in college, I think I might have pulled one all-nighter.  I am not good at working late hours into the night.  so here it is, 9:30, and I'm calling it a night.

but I'll be up by 7am, partly because I can't sleep in that much anymore, and partly because I'll be panicking that I haven't left myself enough time to finish my work...but...I have 6 of the 9 sections totally done, typed up, printed out, just ready to put into the page protectors in my binder.

so until 3pm on Saturday...I might be a little distracted...which means I might write a few more blog posts when I am procrastinating tomorrow...

I'll leave you with a cute penguin one of my 1st graders drew this week :)  more art coming...we are doing lots of cute winter projects!!

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Sarah Kil said...

I'm in "finals" mode too.. yet, here I am writing a comment on your blog :D but that's okay. this is important too. Good luck!