Tuesday, December 11, 2012

coming up on 31...

one month from today is my birthday.  31.  not quite as exciting as 30...and 10 years since that big 21st birthday.


I used to get really excited about my birthday...to the point of annoyance to everyone around me...this year I'm not *not* excited...but I am not going to count down the days like usual...

so what did I do on this 12.11.12?  it was one of my days off from teaching, and for the first time since August, I didn't have homework for grad school, or a jewelry show to prep for...

so I cleaned.

and did laundry.

and cooked an actual meal.

and got myself set up to mail out our chrismas cards.

I thought it would be fun to show the card we went with...and then the photo that was the runner up :)

and just for fun, this was the other photo I had in mind...

also, there have been about 20 days this year that B and I have been in the same state...so choosing a picture wasn't as easy as usual.

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