Thursday, March 31, 2011

6 foods I'd take to a desert island

1. pickles- but not just any...Heinz Hamburger Dill Sliced pickles...very important detail

2. pizza - again, very specifically, from Alfonsos in Hillsborough, NJ :)  runner up is Harbor East Pizza in Fells Point...a pretty good substitute

3. lasagna...I make a pretty good one, that is our annual family Christmas Eve dinner #funfact

4. Dr Pepper- favorite soda...and I can't have pizza without naturally it makes the list

5. black cherry ice cream - Wegmans has an awesome low-fat ice cream...with little chocolate chips it's the perfect dessert..and on a desert island I'd need something cool

...I really do like healthy foods too...but these are my favorite favorite things to eat...not all in one day, thank goodness

oh and soup...#6 would be Lipton noodle soup!  one of my favorite stories from when I was little, as told by my Mom :), was that I used to go to friends houses to play, and when I'd come home, I'd ask for lunch, even if we'd already had lunch...and my reply was always, "but we didn't have soup."  so another food I clearly could not live without.

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