Thursday, March 24, 2011

let's go...skiing!

so it might seem like the winter season is over...but we have our annual Vermont family ski trip planned and I am getting really excited!  I love the freshness in the air, the beautiful scenery and the laid back atmosphere of the little mountain town around Sugarbush Ski Resort!

here are some of the things I would take with me on this trip...

I found these on Uncommon Goods, and they just made me laugh- I'm not usually one who checks my bag- I pack strategically, and usually don't need more then a small suitcase and my carry-on bag, but if I was going to...these would lighten my mood about the situation

I would also need to have some pretty warm feet are usually the only part of me that gets cold, as well as the fact that ski boots hurt my legs- no matter the size - so extra padding can only help!  these cute snowflake leg warmers should keep the snow out of my boots, and keep my legs warm and dry! 

and no day on the slopes would be complete, without a before dinner snack of delicious Vermont cheese and some cocktails!  which would look lovely on this fused glass dish by Sweety Bull Glass!

and I know this isn't something I need to bring with me...but how cute are sledding penguins??

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