Sunday, March 20, 2011

Favorite Etsy Shop - Cutesy but not Cutesy

Another favorite shop of mine is Cutesy but not Cutesy run by the adorable Diane Koss!  Her monsters just melted my heart and the soft fabrics will make you want to pick one up, give it a hug, or in the case of the hoodies...put one on, and never take it off!

the Monster Banana Split is too cute to eat!

or make your morning coffee even cuter with the Cutesy Bunny Mug

and keep warm in this fantastically cute Monster Hoodie

all of Diane's creations are one of a kind, stitched with love, by hand- and she even uses eco-friendly felt!  visit her shop and blog for more monsterific fun...find out where you can see her at a show this year, or just buy yourself some furry cutesy goodness!

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