Monday, October 08, 2012

dinner for one

this year, it has felt like I live alone- more than since I actually did...B has been traveling for work a LOT.

seems like he's been away more then he's been home this year, and while I'm sure the home-to-away ratio is not that extreme...this is definitely the first time his travel for work has taken our schedule hostage.

between having to re-route flights to meet me at destinations we were supposed to travel to together, or leaving mid-day from work to an emergency job...the biggest toll is on him, and how tired he is all the time...

being that I am a for work isn't really an option, and I think I'm glad about that...while I love to travel for fun, living out of a suitcase for weeks on end is not my idea of a good time...

so once again, I'm on my own for a few days...just me and the cats...we've got our schedule down pat...but Eddie is always a little angry when it's just me (human-wise)

we already had a mini drama today, when he got his claw stuck in the door hinge...

naturally I took a photo of it...and then I put on the oven mitts to try and free him...much howling and flailing later, he was free, and begging for dinner...disaster averted.

hopefully the rest of our week will be less eventful.

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