Friday, October 19, 2012

fun times at the MAEA

woohoo!  conference!

who has ever said that?  well...I guess there are some situations that conferences can be fun...and this was actually one of them!  even if it meant getting up earlier then I usually would on a Friday- considering it's one of my days off from school each week...but I gladly got up after only 5 hours of sleep...and drove down to the Maryland Art Education Association's fall conference in Silver Spring, to a really nice High School and along with at least 500 other teachers got our Professional Development on!

our keynote speaker was Olivia Gude, and I went to mini workshops on how to get students to create creative visual journals with the Journal Fodder Junkies, and one about how to not feel so alone as the only Art teacher in your building, in a great workshop by the lovely Kristen Dudley- who's blog I already was a follower of!  that and her Pinterest it was so so nice to put a (real) face- not just a photograph- to her name!

and on top of all of that...the AMAZING work that was posted by students all over the state

not so bad for what was supposed to be a day off :)

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