Sunday, October 28, 2012

here comes Sandy

well a happy Sunday indeed...aside from the impending doom that is a hurricane, and the unknown of power outages, flooding, and wind damage that come with it...I get the day off tomorrow :)

yes, I do like teaching and going to school, but I was just getting to that "run down" feeling that hits around the end of the first marking the timing is perfect...

that feels weird to say...

and while I hope the power stays on, and that there isn't too much destruction by this hurricane we call Sandy, I am going to do my very best to actually relax and enjoy having an unexpected day off.

now, on to more important things...Halloween costumes.  Yup, I am 30 and still dressing up for Halloween...this year the idea was all B's- he was so enthusiastic about it, I couldn't help but get into we got amazing hats from my BEST team member Cindy, who runs the shop Anime hat mania- make sure you check out her fab work!

here we are as Finn and Fiona from Adventure Time!

and here were our Halloween partners in crime, Mr & Mrs Potato Head :)

now I'm off to make dinner, and tie down the deck furniture, charge all my electronics, and make a pile of ALL the batteries and candles I have...just in case...

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