Sunday, October 14, 2012

North Carolina X3

so this is apparently the year where I go to North Carolina.  a LOT.

for the third time in 4 months I drove down to North Carolina- this time to Charlotte- for my college room mate Kate's wedding...

I guess as you get older driving in the car for multiple hours gets less and less fun...well this drive felt like an eternity...but I was really excited to see everyone, so that counteracted it a bit

Friday night we got to see everyone after the rehearsal dinner at a fun restaurant in downtown Charlotte...which was actually in a movie theater!  and as I usually do...I traded shoes with the bride...gave her my flats and took her heels...seriously, am I a great friend, or what?  ;)

Saturday morning I ventured out around my hotel- which was really nice by the way- and found a Target to get some snacks, and picked up lunch at Zaxby's, which is one of B's favorite "in the south only" restaurants...and got ready for the wedding

the reception was at the Mint Museum, also downtown...with an amazing view of the city!

and check out the adorable cake bites!  I had a few of the flavors...okay, I had all of them...maybe more then once...but they were so cute and tiny!  I love this idea so much more then a big cake!  less waste!

thank goodness for my GPS on my phone...I used it more this weekend then anything else!

the only thing I did not enjoy, was my 3am alarm I set to get up on the road and home before the Raven's game on Sunday...and then I got to have lunch with my brother :D

another weekend, flew by...hope it was a good one kiddoes!

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