Sunday, November 04, 2012

holy productivity Batman!

so, Sunday night, we meet again.

of course, last Sunday we were bracing for the unknown of Hurricane Sandy, and while the storm has come and gone...the sky has been gray and ominous ever since...I don't think the sun has made more then a slight cameo appearance in over a week...and add to that the daylight savings hour we "gained" last night- which I promptly celebrated by sleeping for 11 hours- it is 5:30 and pitch dark outside.

we are into winter people.  I know it's not technically until the 21st (ish) of December...but it feels like the temperature didn't get above 45...and the high for the next week is only 57...

but I do love I'm not terribly upset...I do feel a little jipped on Fall though...

the cats have gotten more clingy...guess we are keeping each other warm...this is pretty much where the three of us spent the weekend...

once I got back from class on Saturday afternoon, I made the decision to start taking charge of my business, and purchased some blog ads on two blogs that I just love I figured it was time to take the plunge and give JerseyGirlDesign the time and attention it deserves :)

it's so easy to just say, oh, I'll do it when I've had time to build up inventory, or stock my shop...but you know what?  without a deadline or some pressure...I will never do it.

I need deadlines.  personal ultimatiums.

so I did it.  and I saw my ad on Kym's blog yesterday...and it was awesome :)

So make sure to visit with Kym and Erin, and go by my shop to see the new goodies I have are a few to tempt you :)

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